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Wave Full Face Snorkel Masks

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    • Lens: Quality PC
    • Frame: Quality PC
    • Skirt: Liquid Silicone
    • Mouth: Liquid Silicone
    • Head strap: Chinlon+Spandex+Dacron

    Package included:

    • 1 x Wave M-1502 Full Face Snorkel Mask
    • 1 x mesh Carry Bag

    Why Choose Our Full-Face Snorkel Mask?

    1. Better Airflow

    Patterned Dual Channel Breathing System: Our mask features separate channels for inhaling oxygen (O2) and exhaling carbon dioxide (CO2). This innovative design ensures efficient airflow, allowing you to breathe naturally and comfortably while snorkeling. Say goodbye to CO2 buildup and enjoy a safer and more enjoyable underwater adventure.

    The Patterned Channeling System provides a consistent fresh air flow for inhale and exhale.

    Enhanced Ventilation: Equipped with side vents, our mask optimizes CO2 removal, preventing fogging and ensuring clearer vision throughout your snorkeling session. Experience uninterrupted visual clarity and immerse yourself in the stunning underwater world without distractions or dizziness.

    full face snorkel mask side vents

    Stronger and Larger Snorkel Connection: The Wave M-1502 Full Face Snorkeling Mask features a reinforced and enlarged snorkel connection, allowing for better airflow. This ensures you can breathe easily and comfortably, even during more intense snorkeling activities. Enjoy the freedom to explore the underwater world without any breathing restrictions.

    full face snorkel mask best

    Advanced Breathing Valve Technology: The mask incorporates a sophisticated breathing valve system that enhances your safety underwater. When the float ball rises due to submersion, it blocks the air inlet, preventing water from entering the mask. This ensures that the breathing system remains open when you need air and securely closed when submerged, providing a worry-free snorkeling experience.

    2. More Comfortable

    Adjustable Spandex Head Strap: Our mask is designed with a comfortable and easy-to-adjust spandex head strap, ensuring a watertight fit and maximum comfort during your snorkeling session. Say goodbye to uncomfortable or ill-fitting masks and enjoy a personalized and secure fit.

    full face snorkel mask diving

    3. Clearer and Anti-Fog lens

    Clear and Broader 180° HD Vision: Immerse yourself in breathtaking underwater scenery with our mask's crystal-clear, high-definition vision. The wide 180° field of view provides an expansive perspective, allowing you to take in the beauty of the underwater world like never before. Capture every detail and enjoy an immersive snorkeling experience.

    Anti-Fog Lens: The Wave M-1502 Full Face Snorkeling Mask is equipped with an anti-fog lens made of PC material, providing a clear and unobstructed underwater view. This feature enhances your snorkeling experience by ensuring that your vision remains uninterrupted and free from fogging.

    *** Please note that the effectiveness of the anti-fog feature may vary depending on various factors such as water temperature, humidity, and individual usage. ***

    4. Safer

    Vertigo is a common issue experienced by many snorkelers, which can be caused by various factors such as an ill-fitting mask, restricted breathing, or poor visibility. The Wave M-1502 Full Face Snorkeling Mask addresses these issues by providing a comfortable, secure fit, clear vision, and efficient airflow. Enjoy a comfortable and enjoyable snorkeling experience with confidence and peace of mind.

    The Wave M-1502 Full Face Snorkeling Mask features snorkel water-blocking technology that prevents water from entering the snorkel when submerged and automatically reopens when surfacing.

    The snorkel water-blocking technology of the mask works by using a floating ball mechanism that seals the snorkel tube when submerged, preventing water from entering the mask. When you surface, the ball automatically drops, allowing air to enter the snorkel and ensuring easy breathing. This innovative technology ensures a safe and comfortable snorkeling experience by eliminating the need for manual snorkel clearing.

    5. More Durable

    The Wave M-1502 Full Face Snorkeling Mask is made of high-quality materials, including a liquid silicon skirt and mouthpiece, top-grade adjustable elastic spandex strap, high-quality PC lens, and frame. With its top-quality craftsmanship, the mask offers durability, comfort, and longevity.

    6. User-Friendly Design

    Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned snorkeler, the Wave M-1502 Full Face Snorkeling Mask offers a user-friendly design that makes snorkeling easy and enjoyable. With its reliable performance, advanced features, and hassle-free operation, the mask is an excellent choice for anyone exploring underwater.

    7. Mesh Carry Bag

    Includes a convenient mesh carry bag for easy transport and storage, ensuring your mask is ready for your next snorkeling adventure.

    8. Detachable tube

    Simplifying storage and transportation, making your mask ideal for travel and outdoor adventures